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In line with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s vision to be a leading Data Hub in the region, Batelco, introduces it’s TIER III Data Centre facilities, the first Uptime Institute certified design and build Data Centre facility in Bahrain.

Tier III Datacentre will serve the increasing demand from banking & finance institutions, the public sector, technology companies and global multinational companies that require sophisticated and cutting-edge services. In today’s data intensive business environments, the TIER III facilities will provide higher levels of overall capacity and redundancy to meet the increasing demand for Datacentre and colocation services.

Due to the reliability of Batelco’s Datacentre facilities, companies that host their equipment at the Batelco Datacentre are ensured of services that are the most secure and scalable in Bahrain. Batelco’s Datacentre customers will benefit from continuous support from the company’s 24-hour Network Operations Centre and business continuity management facilities.

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As a result of rapidly changing business requirements and running resource intense application, your organization can no longer afford to spend considerable time and capital to build a nonstandard facility.   Furthermore, concerns with security control of your data and assets, along with stringent regulatory compliance requirements.

To address this challenge, Batelco’s TIER III Data Centre Facility provides an outstanding up time from design and facility build.  The Tier classification describes the site-level infrastructure topology required to sustain datacenter operations, not the characteristics of individual systems or subsystems.

Every subsystem and system integrated into the data center site infrastructure is deployed with the TIER III uptime objective to satisfy the customer requirements. Compliance with the requirements of TIER III is measured by outcome-based confirmation tests and operational impacts.



  • Fully integrated 24 x 7 x 365 state of the art NOC facility within the complex
  • Single point of network management and control for all Batelco network elements, inclusive of first and second line support.
  • Delivers service assurance & fault handling for the entire Batelco network locally, regionally & globally


Batelco provides Business Continuity facility which can be used incase of any disaster

  • Recovery positions (office & dealing positions; recovery suites)
  • Office equipment (photocopiers; printers, etc)
  • Data Centre (for hosting client servers)
  • Connectivity on demand (high speed fully redundant international connectivity)
  • Secure resilient facility (24 hour physical and enterprise level)


Batelco Datacentre Facility gives your organization a world class robust, highly available with a built in redundancy, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) as well as minimizing human error.


Our facility ensures optimum deployment speed in the most cost-effective manner enabling your organization to respond to future changes effectively and efficiently.


Regular predictive and preventive maintenance protects your investment in critical assets and helps ensure business-critical infrastructure operates efficiently, safely and reliably.


Identifying vulnerabilities or opportunities to optimize the performance of aging infrastructure allows you to lower costs and maximize availability. Assessment and optimization Upgrades and replacements Electrical engineering Safety and compliance.

Strong Partnerships 

We work with world’s most trusted partners for the deployment of the best integrated Datacentre Infrastructure

Ease of deployment

The simplicity integrated in our Data Centre architecture makes Stand-alone or fully integrated solution easily deployed with our facility.


Batelco’s Tier III facility performance results in a more complex site infrastructure, more comprehensive behaviors and more rigor in mitigating risks which will help protect your business from any failure.

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