It is the latest Mobile Digital Wallet from Batelco.

Download it now:

You will now be able to make Peer-to-Peer money transfer, make cashless payments quickly to merchants, request money from other bwallet users, send money easily and securely using your smartphone. It is much simpler than using a physical card, and more secure too.

Simply, search for (bwallet) on the App Store or Google Play to download the app. Start sending and receiving money from your mobile. Both Batelco and non Batelco customers will be able to download it today

Here are a few benefits you can enjoy while using the app:

  • Convenience
    Send and receive money from any bwallet user in Bahrain by simply using their Mobile number
  • Speed
    Pay instantly at many merchants and save your time at the cashier
  • Security
    Ensure the security of your personal details and track your shopping history

How to Use:

  1. Download (bwallet) App from App Store or Google Play
  2. Click on “Register” and follow the registration steps to register to the service
  3. Once your account is verified via phone call, you can enter your Debit Card details and add Money on your bwallet account
  4. Start sending, receiving and requesting money using your smartphone various merchants around Bahrain

How to add money to your bwallet account?
The Process of loading Money into your bwallet Account:

  • Select the Add money option from the menu
  • Enter the required amount (Maximum BD 200 can be loaded the account in a given time)
  • App will redirect the customer to the payment gateway to add the debit card details
  • Confirm the amount and debit card details to proceed with loading the money
  • Amount will be funded into your bwallet account

How to send money?
Send Money from your bwallet Account to another Mobile User

  • Select the Send Money Option from the menu customers will be able to transfer money from his/her bwallet account to any mobile user wither he is a registered customer or not.
  • Customer should enter Mobile Number he/she wished to send the money for with the required amount and click submit.
  • If the receiver is a registered customer with bwallet then his account will immediately funded.
  • If the receiver is not a registered customer to bwallet a SMS notification will be sent to the customer to download the bwallet App and register, so he/she be able to receive the amount. The amount will be kept on hold for 5 days and in case the receiver didn’t register to bwallet, the amount will be returned to the sender.

How to pay a merchant?
Pay to Merchant using your bwallet Account

  • By Selecting the Pay to merchant option from the menu, you can simply scan the Dynamic QR code that will be created by the Merchant App to complete your payment.
  • You can also pay to merchant by entering the merchant mobile number and amount from the customers end, that option will be useful for home businesses and home delivery merchants.

How to request money?
Request Money between bwallet Account

  • By selecting the Request money option from the menu, customers will be able to request an amount of money from another bwallet registered customer.
  • The requester should enter the mobile number of the another bwallet customer with the required amount and submit the request.
  • A request will be sent to the sender to either accept or reject the request for money transaction.
  • Once the action is taken, the requester will receive a notification with the approval or rejection.

You can pay with your bwallet app at:


bwallet Offers Promotion End Date
Caribou Buy one get one free on any drink 16 Apr 2018

Up to 50% on large and medium pizzas

30 Apr 2018
Dome Cafe 25% off total bill -
Dana Cinema Buy one get one free on movie tickets 12 Jun 2018
FUDDRUCKERS Buy one get one free on burgers 20 Apr 2018
Marble Slab Buy one get one free on any ice cream -
Mega Mart 5% cashback on monthly spend of BD50 and above 13 May 2018
Marble Slab
Great American Cookies

Buy 1 pint of ice cream and get half a dozen big bite cookies for free

18 Apr 2018
Esquires Coffee Buy one get one free on coffee 18 Apr 2018
Healthy Calorie Enjoy 30% off all items 8 Jun 2018
Lanterns Restaurant Enjoy 20% off total bill 21 May 2018
The Pizza Company Buy one get one free on any pizza 1 Jun 2018
Grub Shack Enjoy 15% discount on
- Steaks every Sunday
- Meat Platter every Monday
- Brisket every Tuesday
- Waffles every Wednesday
- Fried Chicken every Fridays
5 Sep 2018
El Gringo Enjoy 15% discount on
- Students every Sunday
- Mango drinks every Monday
- Tacos every Tuesday
- All Fish dishes every Wednesday
5 Sep 2018
Cineco Enjoy 50% cash back on movie tickets (promotion available at Seef Mall (Seef district) 12 Sep 2018
Rendezvous Enjoy 50% discount on total bill 12 Sep 2018
Mukta A2 Cinemas - Buy one get one free on movie tickets
- Enjoy 50% cashback on movie tickets
14 Sep 2018
Sharaf DG Enjoy BD5 cash back on monthly spend of BD30 and above 30 Jun 2018
Wafi Enjoy BD3 instant discount on your first purchase 02 May 2018
Wafi Enjoy 10% cashback on monthly spend of BD30 and above 05 Jul 2018
Metro Enjoy 5% Cashback on monthly spend of BD30 and above 30 Jun 2018
Asgharali Enjoy 10% cash back on monthly spend of BD30 and above 01 Jul 2018