Batelco Expands its Cloud Connect Solutions with Azure Microsoft Express Route Service

Batelco Expands its Cloud Connect Solutions with Azure Microsoft Express Route Service

Batelco, the leading digital solutions provider in the Kingdom, is now an official Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner. In collaboration with Microsoft ExpressRoute, Batelco now offers customers’ access to Microsoft Cloud Services over Batelco’s robust global network consisting of 26+ PoPs around the globe.

The opportunity has enabled Batelco to launch a private network cable that allows dedicated connection to be established between customers’ IT environments and Azure datacentres. With this Layer 3 solution via Batelco’s well-connected network and extensive global reach, customers can now experience a pre-integrated private network to some of the world’s leading Cloud providers.

Using Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute as a solution to meet the growing data communication demands regionally and globally, Batelco can collaborate with its customers to offer them an enriched connectivity experience in terms of lower latency and higher security with improved network performance and reliability.

In line with this partnership, Batelco Chief Global Business Officer Adel Al Daylami commented, “The Cloud is a key driver of business performance and is as good as the network that it runs on. With this new Cloud Connect Solution, Batelco is helping our customers’ Cloud applications to excel by converging the Cloud and network onto one platform to make the most of the extraordinary possibilities that the Cloud has to offer.”

“Keeping Batelco’s vision of digitalization in mind, the essence of this service offering is to meet one of the many facets of today’s ever-growing demands for both regional and global data communication so that we ensure tomorrow’s business growth,” Mr. Al Daylami added.

Batelco recognizes the importance of cloud services for customers and aims to provide reliable solutions to support business needs. Batelco’s state-of-the-art owned and operated, resilient IP/MPLS network spans the globe, connecting through network-to-network interface (NNI) arrangements with major world partners.

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