Welcome to Batelco Rewards Program.

Earn & redeem points for cashback or credit only with Batelco Rewards!

The Batelco Rewards Program allows all Batelco mobile users to earn, redeem and transfer points when paying Batelco bills or using Batelco SimSim.

Important notice:

Batelco Rewards Program will be suspended on the 1st of Feb 2020 as it is going under further enhancements and developments.
You will be able to accumulate points until the 31st of Dec 2019, and you will be able to redeem any collected points with Batelco Rewards Program until 31st Jan 2020.
To redeem your points dial *888# or visit https://e.batelco.com/eservices/Login 

Who is eligible for Batelco rewards?

Batelco Postpaid and Prepaid (SimSim) mobile customers will be automatically enrolled into the Batelco Rewards Program for free.

How to earn points?

You will earn reward points upon paying your postpaid mobile bill or consuming your prepaid mobile credit.

Points will be credited within 48 hours to your account.

Prepaid mobile customers will earn 2 points for every BD1 of usage.

Postpaid mobile customers will earn 2 points for BD1 of payment provided of full payment of bill prior to Payment Due Date.

 How to check your points?

You can always check your points by:

  • SMS: Text the word “Points” to 88666
  • USSD: *888#
  • Batelco E-services

How to redeem your points?

You can redeem your points by:

How to transfer points?

You can transfer points to other Batelco customers through Batelco E-services.


The Batelco Rewards Program has 3 tier levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

You can upgrade your tier and get more points and bigger rewards the more you use Batelco services.

To check  your tier visit Batelco E-services


  • What can I use my points for?

You can use your points for cashback on your Batelco bills (for postpaid) or credit (for prepaid)

  •  Is this per line or under my account?

You’ll be earning your points under CPR level (Total mobile lines under your CPR)

  • Do I need to pay my bills in full or partial?

Batelco bills need to be paid in full and before the due date to earn points including VAT.

  • Does credit transfer reward the customer with points?

No, only prepaid usage (calls, bolt ons, chargeable SMS & international calls)

  • Is there an expiration for the points?

You have to use your points within 1 year from the date of earning the points.

  • Are there any registration/membership fees for the program?

Batelco Rewards is offered free for all Batelco mobile customers with no charge/fees.

  • Do transferred points entitle me for tier upgrade?

No, only original earned points by paying your mobile bills or by using your prepaid credit will be counted towards tiers upgrade.

  • How long will it take for my points to be shown on the system?

Points will show up within 48 hours.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Tiers Total Spend (BD) Earning Redeemable Points
Silver From 0 to BD 3000 Earn 2 points for every BD 1 spent
Gold From BD 3000 to BD 4999 Earn 3 points for every BD 1 spent
Platinum From BD 5000 and above Earn 4 points for every BD 1 spent