Sponsorship Donations Criteria and Evaluation

Batelco, the leading integrated telecommunications provider to the kingdom of Bahrain, has long since been an active community member.
Each year, Batelco ensures that a sizable allocation is earmarked to support a variety of activities and causes throughout the kingdom.
To ensure that our sponsorships derive the maximum benefit for both Batelco and the community, key criteria have been developed to evaluate all current and future sponsorship activities.

Now, with Batelco’s Sponsorship Criteria and Evaluation check list, you can make a swift assessment to see if your sponsorship activity or special need complements the easy-to-embrace criteria that Batelco has identified to further ensure that Batelco’s support is focused to make a difference.
The overriding objective for Batelco when considering sponsorship of a commercial activity is to be sure that it will enhance dialogue and thus relationships with the community, government and complementary business leaders, and in so doing to demonstrate how Batelco’s technology, products and services support the community as a whole.

  1. Ideally, a sponsorship opportunity should be in or have a direct, public link to the telecommunications sector, the IT sector or Public Relation sector.
  2. Batelco is keen to engage on longer-term relationship with complementary sectors, brands; products look to speak to the same target audiences as Batelco today, or as earmarked in Batelco’s on- going development.
  3. Events and promotions that are guided by on- going activity calendar, in excess of six months duration are of particular interest to Batelco. Although, selected one – off, shorter -term events and activities will also be considered.
  4. The opportunity is likely to afford a business-to -business communications opportunity and it is highly unlikely that Batelco would opt to work directly alongside a direct competitor.
  5. It is certainly beneficial if the project, programme, activity or organisation is of a similar and/ or complementary brand position and perception as Batelco.

Sponsorship Application