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AMEER 2 Cable System

About the route


Batelco’s AMEER2 cable system provides a high-capacity fiber optic cable system connecting the Middle East and Gulf Region to Europe following shortest geographic paths on terrestrial and submarine segments. The state-of-art cable system complements the existing Batelco Gulf Network (BGN), offering latency-optimized services and reliable routes with full redundancy.

AMEER 2 Cable System

Main features

Multiple terabit fi¬ber optic cable system which can deliver high capacities.
Connecting Middle East countries (Bahrain, UAE, KSA, Jordan, and Palestine) to Europe via Turkey avoiding Egypt.
Complements Batelco Gulf Network (BGN) cable system to connect onwards to Kuwait and Qatar.
Provides shortest RTD along the route with an end-to-end RTD between Middle East to Frankfurt of 87ms.
PoP locations in Bahrain, UAE, KSA, Jordan, Palestine and Turkey can serve as break out points.
Provides shortest path possible and offers reliable traffic transmission with full redundancy in the region.

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