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Batelco Code of Practice

Introduction to Batelco

Bahrain Telecommunication Company B.S.C. (Batelco) is a licensed telecommunication company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Batelco strives to provide and deliver a wide range of innovative products and services with high quality of service, reliability and value for money to its end users.
Batelco offers the following services to both consumer and business customers in the Kingdom of Bahrain:

  • Telephone Services
  • Data Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Internet Services
  • A Wide Range of Value Added Services

For additional details on Batelco’s services, please visit our website at, or alternatively contact us on 196.
The purpose of this Code of Practice (COP) is to advise you of our products and services, customer care policies and the manner in which to contact us. This COP has been prepared in accordance with the Determination Paper of The Code of Practice for the Handling of Consumer Complaints published on 1st of June 2014 and approved by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

How to Contact Batelco’s Customer Services

Telephone: +97339611196
Customer Helpline: +973 196
Mail: P.O. Box 14, Manama, Bahrain
Batelco’s call center is available for customer queries on the following (24 hours a day/7 days a week):

  • Batelco’s products and services
  • Information about customers’ account and/or service orders
  • Raising complaints
  • Applications for new fixed or mobile lines as well as upgrades to existing lines and value-added services
  • Transfer of services or lines to a new location
  • Updates of personal information (such as change in postal address, etc…).
  • Facilitation of bill payments and top ups of Prepaid Mobile lines by Credit Cards

Retail Shop Timings:

Category of Complaint Estimated Resolution Time
Customer Call Centre
Dialing locally (free of charge)
Customer Call Centre
Dialing internationally (charges shall apply)
+973 39611196
Telegram (free of charge) 17881131
Batelco Switch Board
(free of charge)

Service Disconnection and Termination

Disconnection of a Service by Batelco

In the event a customer fails to pay an outstanding bill by the due date or has not made any alternative payment arrangements with Batelco, the service in question will be disconnected by Batelco, following a series of disconnection warnings and notification messages.
If the service has been disconnected due to non-payment, Batelco will reconnect the service within 1 working day either once full payment has been received, where a reconnection fee will be applicable (BD3 for mobile postpaid lines and BD5 for fixed lines), or when a suitable installment payment plan has been approved by Batelco.
Customers may contact Batelco’s Call Centre on 196 or alternatively, visit one of Batelco’s retail shops for any assistance or support regarding bill payment.

Termination of a Service by a Customer

Customers are kindly requested to visit any of Batelco’s retail shops and complete an application form requesting the termination of any service(s) they are subscribed to, indicating the reasons for doing so.   Batelco will then take the necessary steps to terminate the service(s) provided that:

  • The application form has been completed correctly
  • Payment of all outstanding amounts against the service has been received. This will also include any unbilled amounts such as those related to roaming services and any contract penalty fees for early termination, etc… Details of these fees can be found in Batelco’s standard service Terms & Conditions or on Batelco’s website

Customers subscribed to any specific term contract packages will be liable to pay penalty charges in the event of early termination.   Details of the relevant early termination charges will vary per contract/service and will be dependent upon the applicable Terms and Conditions signed by the customer.


If you have a general enquiry about any of Batelco’s products and services, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 196, by fax on 17885555, or by email on
Additional information is also available on Batelco’s website and through the online chat service available on the website.


Customers are able to raise their complaints or suggestions through the following means of communication:

  • Telephone: Batelco’s Customer Contact Centre is available on 196
  • Letter: If customers prefer to lodge a complaint or suggestion in writing, the letter may be addressed to the Customer Services Department (CS) at “Batelco, P.O.Box 14 Manama, Bahrain”
  • Fax:Customers can also fax Batelco on 17911880
  • Via e-mail: Customers can address their complaints and suggestions via email to Batelco’s Customer Relations Unit at “
  • In person:Customersare welcome to visit any of Batelco’s Retail Shops located across the Kingdom for assistance.  Shop timings are available on or through calling 196.

Complaints’ Process

Once a complaint is received from any of the above communication channels, it will be logged into Batelco’s system and an acknowledgement SMS will be sent to the customer within 2 working days.   The acknowledgement SMS will include a unique reference number which should be used for all future communications by both Batelco and the customer relating to that complaint.
In most instances, Batelco retains records of all complaints in its system for a period of one year.

How Batelco Handles Customer complaints

Customer complaints will be categorized according to the different scenarios set out below and Batelco provides an estimated resolution time for each of these:

Mobile Services

Category of Complaint Estimated Resolution Time
Billing 5 Working Days
Standard Subscriber Agreements 10 Working Days
Number Portability 2 Working Days
Prices & Tariffs 10 Working Days
Quality of Service 10 Working Days
Fraud or Theft 1 Working Day
Installation 10 Working Days
Roaming 20 Working Days
Other Services 10 Working Days

Customers will receive a telephone call within 5 working days from a member of Batelco’s Customer Care team regarding the submitted complaint.
As part of Batelco’s mission to excel in providing excellent services to its customers, Batelco’s Customer Care team places great emphasis on the investigation and resolution of each complaint received.   Once the details are available, the customer care agent is happy to discuss with the customer the most appropriate course of action to be taken.

  • Batelco aims to resolve most of the complaints within 7 working days; however this will depend on the type of complaint and the required investigation timeframe. The Customer Care agent will inform the customer of the complaint category for example, billing, coverage, quality, and etc… as well as the relevant timeframe to resolve the case. Some complaint types may require internal escalations to other units within Batelco such as network or coverage complaints and etc…
  • In such cases, the Customer Care agent will follow up and inform the customer accordingly. In cases where our customers are not satisfied with the outcome of their complaint, customers may escalate their case to the Manager of Batelco’s Customer Care unit through email: , before contacting the TRA.
    Customers will receive a telephone call within 2 working days from the Manager regarding their escalation.

Contacting the TRA

In the event a Customer is not satisfied with Batelco’s response to their complaint or if the problem persists and has not been resolved within 60 days of submitting the complaint to Batelco, customers may contact the TRA ( – the independent regulator of the telecommunications industry – in accordance with Section 56 of the Telecommunications Law (Legislative Decree No. 48 of 2002).

Contact details for the TRA’s Customer Complaints Section:

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
PO Box 10353
Kingdom of Bahrain
Telephone: 81188
Telephone:     +973 17520044
Fax: +973 17532523

Batelco Products and Services Portfolio

Batelco has a wide range of products and services which are outlined below. Customers can apply to any of Batelco’s services by completing the relevant application form which is available online and at any of Batelco’s retail shops. Batelco shop locations, shop timings and application forms are available on

When applying for a Batelco service, customers will need to provide the following information and documentation:

  • Original CPR of the customer/owner (CPR copy is accepted if the owner attends personally).  National ID cards of GCC nationals are accepted for selected services.
  • Original CPR of the Applicant
  • Address card (in case the address is not registered in Batelco’s system)
  • A copy of a valid Commercial Registration (for Business customers only)
  • A deposit or a Business guarantee letter (for non-Bahraini customers only), and
  • Customers’ contact telephone number and address
  • Fixed telephone services

For detailed information about Batelco’s telephone services, customers can contact 196, visit any retail shop or visit Batelco’s website at If a customer moves premises, it may be possible to transfer his existing telephone number to the new location. Where this is not possible, Batelco is able to provide a range of call forwarding and announcement services to assist the customer.

  • Mobile Services

Batelco offers a full range of mobile services, including contract and Prepaid service plans, for voice and/or data use. International roaming is available in a large and increasing number of overseas destinations. For further information you may call Batelco on 196, visit any Retail shop or visit Batelco’s website at

  • Internet Services

Batelco offers a range of high speed Broadband services to customers’ homes and offices. For further information on the products and services available in this regard, please call Batelco on 196, visit any Retail shop, or visit Batelco’s website at

  • Your Telephone Directory and Entry

A copy of the telephone directory is available upon request by a customer at any Batelco Retail shop.
In addition to local businesses, residential and government contact numbers, the telephone directory contains useful information on Batelco services, International Dialing Codes and Area Codes.
If customers find that their contact details have been omitted or incorrectly listed, they can contact the directory helpdesk on 17883030 or use the “Errata card” located at the end of the white pages of the telephone directory.
If customers do not wish to have their telephone number(s) listed in the directory and have not indicated so in the service order form, they can also contact the directory helpdesk on 17883030.

Customer Terms and Conditions

Batelco’s products and services are governed by the Terms and Conditions relevant for each product/service. These can be found on Batelco’s website

Quality of Service

Batelco strives to offer customers an excellent quality of service at all times. Batelco aims to provide customers with solutions that best cater for their Telecom needs. All of Batelco services are available 24 hours every day and are consistently monitored by automated programs and skilled engineers. Back up is built into all products and services prior to their release to our customers. All planned maintenance and service upgrades are scheduled where possible for completion outside of normal business hours. You will be informed of the availability (capacity) and waiting time of our service once you raise your request or order with us at our retail shops or through 196.

  • Basic Rate Access
  • Primary Rate Access

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