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Whether your company is looking for point-to-point or point-to-multi point connection globally,
Batelco’s Global Ethernet solutions can be tailor-made to suit your business requirements

Global Infrastructure
Global Infrastructure
  • Global Capacity
  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • Wavelength Services

We extend your business across the globe through our joint ventures, POPs and partnerships.
Whether via cable or satellite links we guarantee you secure resilient connectivity.

Global Capacity Features

  1. Up to 100G bandwidth
  2. One stop shop
  3. Lease & IRU models
  4. Industry leading SLAs
  5. Connectivity to major submarine and terrestrial network within GCC and beyond
  6. Connectivity through FOG, GBI, FALCON/FEA, BGN, TGN, Saudi Causeway  (ITC, Mobily, STC)
  7. Other cable systems in the region: SMW3, SMW4, SMW5, IMEWE, EASSY, BBG, AAE-1, TW1, RCN, AMEER, TEAMS, EPEG, G2A, SRG-1
  8. Protected and unprotected solution options
  9. Continuous expansion of reach and establishment of new cable systems

Batelco Gulf Network (BGN):

The most dependable solution to your growing capacity demands.

BGN features:

  1. DWDM Technology
  2. 1400km Fiber Optic
  3. Protected Terrestrial Network
  4. 8.8T High-Capacity
  5. Protected network
  6. Shortest inter-Gulf latency
  7. Interconnectable with other regional submarine cables
  8. Interconnected with all GCC carriers

Based on a state-of-the-art DWDM technology, the service offers a transparent optical wavelength connection between two locations at a dedicated bandwidth.

Batelco can also offer the local loops between the Batelco PoP and customer’s specified end-location restoration of the Wavelength Service and collocation services at cable landing stations.


  1. Variety of high-capacity solutions based on DWDM technology up to 100G.
  2. Superior 24/7 support quality through Batelco’s Network Operations Center (NOC).
  3. Service level agreements to ensure highest quality and reliability.
  4. Short delivery time through dedicated support.
  5. Predictable network performance
  6. Transparent to higher protocols (e.g. Ethernet)
  7. Interfaces: Ethernet, SONET, Optical Transport Networking (OTN)

Ideally Suited For

  1. Data center-to-data center connections
  2. Disaster recovery/back-up
  3. Latency sensitive applications
  4. Financial/E-commerce transactions
  5. Big data/large file transfers (research, 3D CAD/CAM)
  6. Streaming HD video

We offer unprotected and protected wavelength services to destinations across the MENA region over Batelco’s high-quality DWDM network and to destinations outside our network footprint via our strategic partners with the options to provide local access services at both ends of the service.