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Fixed Line


Batelco’s fixed line solutions provide an easy, cost-effective
solution to make both domestic and international calls.

  • Registration
    BD 20.000
  • Monthly Rental
    BD 2.160
  • Call To Directory Inquiry (181)
    BD 0.150
  • Minutes Rate (Fixed to Fixed)
    22 fils/ 180 seconds
  • Minutes Rate (Fixed to Mobile)
    22 fils / 90 seconds
  • Outgoing Calls Barring
    BD 3.000
  • Incoming Calls Barring
    BD 3.000
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* Fixed line registration with Home Internet Package is BD10 only instead of BD20.

* All stated prices are exclusive of 10% VAT.

The enhanced Business bolt-on new price (BD7 monthly) will be effective from 1st March 2021. In addition to the unlimited free on-net minutes, now includes free rental for e-fax, Caller ID, Voicemail, and Star Dial facilities.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)


A high-performance circuit-switched telephone service that delivers broadcast-quality voice and reliable data transmission on a single digital line. It offers multiple digital services and can connect multiple devices that all operate over a single line.

  • Basic Rate Access
  • Primary Rate Access

A digital capability with two channels each consisting of 64Kbps that can be used to carry voice, data and image communications.

BD 8.925
  • Once-off installation
    BD 26.250

All stated prices are exclusive of 10% VAT.

Offers up to 30 B-channels each consisting of 64kbps that will allow transmission of large volumes of data, video and enhanced voice communications.

The table below shows the tariffs at the different speeds available. Each site is charged as a single circuit:

All stated prices are exclusive of 10% VAT.


  • Fast File Transfer Protocol

    Fast file transfer protocol (FTP) sends files to a remote computer on a dedicated ISDN line without having to use the internet.

  • LAN Connectivity

    Easily connect all your computers you have on a Local Area Network (LAN) to the internet.

  • Create a WAN

    Combine two or more LANs to create a Wide Area Network (WAN) that will connect any number of your local sites together.

  • Speed

    ISDN basic access speed is 64Kbps with the option of increasing the capacity to suit your business needs.

  • Remote Access

    Provide your staff that work away from the office access to your internal networks.

  • Quality

    Voice, video and data quality is extremely high with almost no overhearing or line noises.

  • Flexibility

    Multiple applications and pieces of equipment can be run on the same line simultaneously.

  • Reliability and Continuity

    ISDN has increased capacity to deal with greater volumes of traffic and serves as a back up in the case of leased line failure.

  • Cost Effective

    Faster connections facilitate high-speed operations. Shorter download and transmission times help reduce costs.



Small business, big business and everything in between, there’s an internet package to suit your needs.

  • Registration fees BD40.
  • All the prices are exclusive of VAT.

Fiber For Business

Prepare your business for future growth with Batelco fiber business internet packages.

Share information rapidly and on the move with faster content download, media sharing, video conferencing, virtual meetings, all with the highest security and best connectivity.

  • Best Quality Connection

    Extremely secure, high bandwidth connection.

  • Higher

    Connect multiple business devices at once without disruption, while maintaining high internet speeds and reliability.

  • Cost Effective

    Competitive prices and great packages.

  • Support

    A dedicated 24/7 support team.

MPLS Based


Offering a secure, reliable and cost effective IP network connectivity for data, voice and multimedia applications; Batelco brings all sites together to create a single company-wide communications network.

  • Layer 2:Point to Multipoint
  • Layer 3:Multipoint to Multipoint


  • Network Coverage

    Avoid spending a huge up-front investment to build your own network as we will fully run and manage the infrastructure for you.

  • Service Level Agreement

    Market-leading service availability with rebates.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Nonstop monitoring identifies and corrects network issues proactively.

  • Performance Reporting

    Web-based service performance monitoring and reporting tool monitors service level performance in real-time.

  • Customer Support

    Single point of contact support with local helpdesk to keep you informed.

  • Network Reliability

    Cutting edge, constantly updated and fully meshed technology ensures reliable exchange of information.

  • Maximize Continuity

    We offer resilience options on various technologies which reduce the risk of downtime.


A high-speed and dedicated internet connection through a highly reliable network that includes a domain name and a subnet of IP addresses which gives your business the ability to host services such as mail, web, proxy servers and firewalls.




SD-WAN brings together a range of technologies (such as MPLS, Broadband and LTE) and uses software defined networking (SDN) to manage applications and networks in a simple and effective way over cloud.


  • Network Reliability

    The networks carrying our services use cutting edge, fully meshed, state-of-the-art technology to ensure the reliable exchange of information. We are continually investing in our fixed & mobile network to ensure we deliver the most successful, agile and secure services.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Our network is monitored all day, every day of the year. Network issues are identified and handled proactively and promptly before services are affected in line with our service level agreement

  • Customer Support

    Through a single point of contact, we support our customers with the right people, the right skills and the right industry knowledge Our local help desk experts are available to answer questions and keep you informed about fault management.

  • One Stop Shop

    Our services are designed by people with a rich heritage of technical and market experience. Our service options are continually evolving to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible service range and experience.l

  • Cost Effective

    Making the network smarter, reducing complexity, hence lowering admin and maintenance cost.

  • Optimized Performance

    Providing visibility into NW and application performance, allowing end users to take direct action via self-service tools.

  • Security

    End-to-end traffic encryption is applied ensuring your data is transmitted securely.

  • Scalibility and Flexibility

    Upgrade, downgrade, add, and/or drop branches as and whenever your business needs

  • Online Portal

    A portal that gives you full visibility and control in real time over your network and application

Data Backup Solutions


Batelco offers a range of data backup solutions that manage, restore and safeguard your business’ data.

  • LTE Backup
  • MPLS
  • Broadband

Allows businesses to provision back-up links on the 4G LTE mobile network, securely extending wireless mobility to any 4G LTE locations, with cost effective monthly rental plans

All stated prices are exclusive of 10% VAT.

Provides a high availability connection over the MPLS network with auto failover option during incidents and active link backup.

An always-on monthly internet connection package that provides high speed connectivity and availability ensuring a robust back-up service to your main MPLS or Inet Dedicated circuit.

  • Registration fees BD40.
  • All the prices are exclusive of VAT.

LTE Connectivity


Private Mobile Connection

Protect the Corporate Network Simply and Securely with Private and Customized APNs.

Batelco offers unique Private APNs combined with 4G LTE Technology to increase your business data security. This service allows efficient and secure data communication between two or multiple ends over MPLS enabling your employees to connect to your corporate network simply and securely.


Ideal for headquarters to branch office, transport services, mission command centers, broadcasting, commercial vehicles and more.

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