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Batelco was established in 1981 in the kingdom of Bahrain and pioneered Bahrain’s telecommunication infrastructure.

Carrier Voice and Roaming
Carrier Voice and Roaming
  • Carrier Voice Services
  • Roaming & A2P

Batelco’s connectivity offers a range of carrier-grades with an extensive global reach with access to terminate international calls to more than 500 destinations with very competitive rates and top class quality to terminate our partners’ voice traffic into our region and globally.

Batelco’s international roaming map extends worldwide for all roaming services reaching over 1,257 services in more than 176 countries over 145 LTE connections.

  • Voice
    489 Networks
  • 5G
    6 Networks
  • LTE
    155 Networks
  • GPRS/3G
    436 Networks
    171 Networks

Our current focus is to increase the 5G & LTE coverage to provide our customers with the best experience while traveling.

Features of Roaming Services:

  1. Advanced network
    • Advanced network architecture with state of the art roaming quality management tools
  2. A2P Gateway
    • High quality Secured A2P gateway to all mobiles in Bahrain
  3. Support
    • 24/7 top class engineer support services