Wireless Firewall Solution

The solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of small businesses. It supports a multitude of virtual access points that create independent, segregated networks in the same physical area for separate teams such as sales, marketing, guest users, and more. It also offers secure authentication and prevents rogue clients from connecting to networks.

The wireless networks in organisations face big risks of information theft due to their inability to trace users, especially guest users within the network. Additionally, lack of IT security staff and limited budgets can make it difficult for the small business segment to find security solutions that are adequate, cost-effective and easy to manage. Furthermore, organizations with distributed networks, remote and branch offices, especially in sectors such as retail stores, logistics and transportation, and utility distribution centres, demand mobility within the network and need network security, secure remote access, and secure Wi-Fi for walk-in customers.
The Layer 8 technology, allows administrators to apply user identity-based security policies to gain visibility over user activity and also manage Guest Internet access in the network.

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Wireless Firewall Solution MonthlyBD 5.250
Cyberoam (Cr10wiNG) 1 year subscription
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