Batelco’s 4G LTE backup solution allows businesses to provision back-up links on the 4G LTE mobile network, securely extending wireless mobility to any 4G LTE locations. This backup solution ensures business continuity in the rare case of a main circuit failure, enabling businesses to continue their operations.

  • Offers a different media backup
  • Reduces provision time
  • Provides business with an affordable backup solution
  • Ensures business continuity
  • Provides greater area coverage


4G LTE Backup MonthlyBD 21 MonthlyBD 31.5 MonthlyBD 47.250 MonthlyBD 63
12 Months Contract
80GB Unlimited LTE
130GB Unlimited LTE
300GB Unlimited LTE
500GB Unlimited LTE
24 Months Contract
130GB Unlimited LTE
300GB Unlimited LTE
500GB Unlimited LTE
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*The tariffs above are inclusive of the backup service only. For more information on required CPE and associated charges, please contact your dedicated Account Manager.


  • Provides a high availability connection over the MPLS network with auto-failover option during incidents.
  • Customer gets another active link as a backup on a different route as a backup.


Batelco’s Business Broadband packages offers your business an always-on internet connection that provides high speed connectivity and  availability thus ensuring a robust back-up service to your main MPLS or Inet Dedicated circuit.

Batelco’s state of the art internet network ensures improved operations , enhanced efficiency , and higher productivity for your business.


  • Highest Service availability with the highest internet speeds
  • Over 20 years experience in the ISP business
  • A fully redundant network with diversified international global reach
  • Top of the line account management and support services
  • Certified technical experts


Plus Contract Packages MonthlyBD 42 MonthlyBD 57.750 MonthlyBD 84 MonthlyBD 115.5 MonthlyBD 131.250 MonthlyBD 210 MonthlyBD 336
Package Speed 2Mbps 4Mbps 8Mbps 10Mbps 14Mbps 20Mbps 40Mbps
Upload Speed 1Mbps 1.5Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps 2Mbps 4Mbps
Threshold (GB) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Emails (500MB) 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
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* All stated prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%. Starting from January 1st 2019