Why Batelco fiber for business?

Prepare your business for future growth with Batelco fiber business internet packages. In an ever-changing world faced with different daily challenges, Batelco provides you the keys to success and business excellence.

It’s important that your business can share information rapidly and on the move, faster content download, media sharing, video conferencing, virtual meetings, all with the highest security and best connectivity.

Benefits of Batelco fiber for business?


Superfast Internet Speed (up to 500Gbps)


Best Quality of Connection


Cost Effective


24/7 Support


Extremely Secure


Higher Reliability


Higher Bandwidth


Signal Strength

With Batelco’s fiber for business, you can connect multiple business devices at once without disruption, while maintaining high internet speeds and reliability.

Batelco fiber internet for business, gives you higher speeds of up to 500Mbps, and a reliable network built with the latest technology, to help you work efficiently and productively.

Batelco also provides 24/7 support, competitive prices, and great packages for your startup business.


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