Offers a high-speed and dedicated internet connection through a highly reliable network. It includes a domain name and a subnet of IP addresses which gives your business the ability to host services such as mail, web, proxy servers and firewalls.

Speed Rental
(One year contract) BD
10Mbps 853.65
25Mbps  1050
50Mbps 1312.5
100Mbps 1706.25
150Mbps 2100
200Mbps 2493.75
300Mbps 3150
500Mbps 4200
750Mbps 5250
1Gbps 6300
1.5Gbps 8268.75
2.5Gbps 10762.5
5Gbps 14437.5
7.5Gbps 18112.5
10Gbps 21656.25

Why Batelco Inet Dedicated?

Guaranteed Bandwidth
We are the only ISP to have access to multiple diversified international uplinks from Bahrain with up to 35Gb capacity that transit over highly reliable terrestrial and submarine cables linking us to all regional and main international landing points and thus offering you high availability internet.

Unlimited Data
Inet DA is an entirely dedicated leased line internet service offering you fully uncontended and guaranteed bandwidths. As a result, you have un-restricted access without caps and can use as much data as you like.

Higher Speeds
Our state of the art internet platform enables you to seamlessly upgrade your speed up to 1Gbps (symmetrical) at any point in time.

Traffic Protection
Our network is protected with sophisticated security mechanisms to safeguard all incoming and outgoing traffic from any harmful attacks that can cause havoc to your business.

Peering & Caching Policies
We have an IP-transit with major Tier-1 providers to deliver a multitude of worldwide content to you at a faster rate. We also directly peer with regional partners such as Google to provide high-speed access to regional IPs and content on their network. We are also continuously enhancing our Caching Policies and localizing most of the internet content to enhance your browsing experience.

Trusted Partner
We are the trusted provider of high speed internet connectivity for the majority of national and international companies in Bahrain in addition to key events such as the Formula 1, the Airshow, and exhibitions.

We are able to apply customization as per customers’ specific requirements such as internet traffic routing to selective destinations.

* All stated prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%. Starting from January 1st 2019

Additional Benefits:

  1. A subnet of 8 IP address for the customer local area network
  2. A virtual domain name (ending in .bh)
  3. Discount provided for customers signing higher fixed term contract

The above tariff does not include the cost of the data connectivity via MPLS