Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

A high-performance service that delivers broadcast-quality voice, video and data on a single telephone line. It enables you to connect numerous computers to the internet, improve your LAN network, and double the speed of your connection over a standard line. Available on a basic rate with 2 channels, and on primary rate with the option of 10,20, and 30 channels. Customers can add numerous Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN) on each line for a very attractive price.

Basic Rate Access (ISDN-BRA)

Offers a digital capability with two channels each consisting of 64Kbps that can be used to carry voice, data and image communications.
The table below shows the tariffs at the different speeds available. Each site is charged as a single circuit:

Installation (Once-off) Monthly Rental
BD 26.250 BD 8.925


  1. This includes network termination two sockets and one basic number.
  2. Additional sockets and cable will be charged at cost of work basis

Primary Rate Access (ISDN-PRA)

Offers up to 30 B-channels each consisting of 64kbps that will allow transmission of large volumes of data, video and enhanced voice communications.
The table below shows the tariffs at the different speeds available. Each site is charged as a single circuit:

Number of Channels Installation Fee
Monthly Rental
10 CHANNELS BD 210 BD 36.750
20 CHANNELS BD 210 BD 66.150
30 CHANNELS BD 210 BD 88.200

* All stated prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%. Starting from January 1st 2019

Why Batelco ISDN?

  • Scalable to suit your business size, whether small or large
  • Enhances your phone system with a range of switchboard functions
  • Allows a number of innovative applications such as:
    • File transfer at high speed
    • Video conferencing
    • Image transfer
    • Leased line back-up
    • Information services connectivity
    • Telecommuter
    • Remote LAN access
    • Telephony-connecting ISDN to PABX as direct lines

Customer support: The professional team of customer support engineers ensures that your network connections perform at optimum levels without service outages. Helpdesk assistance is available 24/7.

Fast file Transfer Protocol: You can utilize fast file transfer protocol (FTP) to send any files to a remote computer on a dedicated ISDN line without having to use the internet.

LAN connectivity: Easily connect all of the computers you have on a Local Area Network (LAN) to the internet. As this is a shared connection it means you need to have fewer individual lines that are solely dedicated for internet use.

Create a WAN: Combine two or more LANs to create a Wide Area Network (WAN) that will connect any number of your local sites together.

Speed: ISDN basic access speed is 64Kbps with the option of increasing the capacity to suit your business needs.

Remote access: Provide your staff that work away from the office, access to your internal networks. ISDN is also very effective for video conferencing applications.

Quality: Since it is digital, the voice, video and data quality is extremely high with almost no overhearing or line noises.

Flexibility: Multiple applications and pieces of equipment can be run on the same line simultaneously. This allows you to download information from the Web or a remote office and talk on the phone at the same time.

Reliability and Business Continuity: ISDN has increased capacity to deal with greater volumes of traffic. It also serves as a back up in the case of leased line failure. Its proven track record makes it a first choice for replacing dedicated data connections common among multinational organisations.

Cost effective: Faster connections facilitate high-speed operations. Shorter download and transmission times help reduce costs.