Cloud and e-Commerce Solutions

Batelco Cloud Solutions help businesses of all types to redefine the way their IT, services, infrastructure and e-commerce platforms are functioning. It makes forming a more agile IT structure and realizing expenditure efficiency possible.

Utilizing Batelco’s scalable Cloud Solutions is an optimal choice for meeting growing business needs. The service provides access to an extended menu of corporate solutions and software, and eliminates the considerable capital investment previously required for such traditional solutions. Additionally, Batelco’s dedicated 27×4 support team provides backup reassurance at all times.

Batelco AWS Cloud

“Cloud Computing” refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.


AWS Marketplace


Stay focused on your business & Enjoy full control over your Wi-Fi network over the cloud with Batelco’s SMART Wi-Fi solution.

Cloud & e-Commerce Solutions

Web Hosting

Wide range of webhosting services for Bahrain-based businesses

Microsoft Office 365

The Office you know. The capability and flexibility to elevate your business.


Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Organizations can gain tremendous value with infrastructure in the cloud (such as web-hosting), where cost-efficiency is realized and business agility is greatly enhanced.

Small & Medium Business Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions help small businesses of all types redefine the way they operate and serve their customers.


Cloud Productivity & Collaboration

Batelco’s Cloud based collaboration tools work by easily integrating with the employees daily activities, enhancing business efficiency and collaboration channels in the organization


Cloud Security (Sec aaS)

An organization’s network security and information privacy is at the core of IT manager’s priorities. Having reliable and up to date security protocols is a huge benefit of cloud based security solutions


e- Commerce

Globalization has eliminated the market boundaries and created the need for an e-commerce platform that is reliable, secure and continuously available. Batelco’s cloud based e-commerce has leveraged best of breed platforms and technologies to deliver e-services