Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Organizations can gain tremendous value with infrastructure in the cloud (such as web-hosting), where cost-efficiency is realized and business agility is greatly enhanced.

1.1 Cisco Energy Management as a Service is a SaaS application which allows users to view, measure and manage the energy use of their IT infrastructure from the Cloud.

Energy Management

1.2 Batelco webhosting service provides a secure, reliable and cost efficient platform for your business to host its website in Batelco’s state of the art, fully redundant Data Centre.

Cloud Productivity & Collaboration

Batelco’s Cloud based collaboration tools work by easily integrating with the employees daily activities, enhancing business efficiency and collaboration channels in the organization and enabling employees to work together simultaneously on a particular task via web/video conferencing applications such as Cisco Webex.

2.1 Batelco productivity suit (ERP)

A feature rich solution, that encompasses all business productivity and efficiency tools in one suite, accessible virtually on Batelco’s secure cloud. The featured applications are Sales, Accounts, Inventory management, e-Marketing, HR management, Support & Productivity Tools.

ERP packages

  • Free Trial
  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Ultimate

2.2- E-fax:

Digitise office processes with an e-fax solution, by eliminating the paper waste and helping the global go-green drive.

2.3- Cloud Web conferencing

In today’s era of fast-moving business and full digitization, enterprises are placing security as a top priority, to oversee all their processes. As such, the Cisco Cloud Web Security is a SaaS service which provides enterprise-level security and control.
Webex Telepresence

2.4 Cloud Networking (Meraki)

Cisco Meraki is a fully centralised cloud management tool for security, networking and application control. Cisco Meraki is known for providing wireless network solutions that are secure, reliable and accessible and are completely integrated. Cisco Meraki is entirely managed over the web, giving end-users control without the often costly and problematic issues associated with more traditional infrastructures.
Meraki Solution

Cloud Security (Sec aaS)

An organization’s network security and information privacy is at the core of IT manager’s priorities. Having reliable and up to date security protocols is a huge benefit of cloud based security solutions and eliminates substantial investments in security procedures. Conveniently combine all security policies and applications in one manageable platform. (DDOS, VMS, Cloud Web security)

3.1Cisco Web Security

An affordable, reliable and highly secure video collaboration experience
Cloud Security

Cloud e-Commerce

Globalization has eliminated the market boundaries and created the need for an e-commerce platform that is reliable, secure and continuously available. Batelco’s cloud based e-commerce has leveraged best of breed platforms and technologies to deliver e-services in a way that redefines how transactions are processed at every step in the value chain.

4.1 @ltijara payment gateway

Altijara is Batelco’s regional electronic payment processing service that provides merchants with the ability to process real time payments for goods and services sold over the Internet and other electronic payment channels by using credit cards. Altijara service provides reliable financial authorization and settlement services to Internet merchants and electronic buyers through a secure network for electronic payment processing.
Al-tijara Terms & Conditions