Today, children and teenagers are often labeled as “digital natives”; they are increasingly absorbed into a digital ecosystem, and tend to discard what is beyond. For this reason, traditional learning techniques no longer bring the desired results. It is evident that there is a strong need for education reform, whereby students are inspired within their well-established digital ecosystems.

Batelco has an instrumental role in Bahrain’s education sector industry by recogning that many current offerings can be consolidated to provide a holistic learning experience, all powered through the cloud.


Batelco Smart Education Solution

Batelco in partnership with IDENTIGY is proud to present Smart Education Solution, a cloud based digital solution that integrates the entire operations of an educational institution on a single platform.


Why Batelco

Batelco is the leading digital solutions provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We serve both the corporate and consumer markets in the most liberalised and competitive environment in the MENA region

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