Another innovative solution from Batelco

As the leading digital solutions provider in the kingdom, Batelco always strives to bring ideas that help enhance people’s lives. One such idea with cutting-edge technology is the Connected Vehicles Solution.

Designed to address safety concerns, particularly of the Education sector, the solution aims to maintain a safe travel environment for all.

The solution is integrated to work seamlessly with a vehicle’s performance. It’s self-powered by a solar panel and assures peace of mind with benefits such as CCTV surveillance and video recording, GPS tracking, sound level detection, and object count to avoid any untoward incidents.

The Smart Vehicle Solution marks a new era in the transportation sector, as it helps address big challenges like safety, mobility and environment.

  • CCTV
    • In addition to CCTV Video recording, it can count the number of passengers boarding and alighting from the bus.
  • Sensors
    • Equipped with Movement Sensor and Alarm to notify an emergency.
  • NVR
    • Network video recording to keep record of movements.
  • Audio Communication
    • Two-way audio system to enable speaking and listening.
  • GPS
    • Assists with vehicle route tracking and notification
  • Wireless
    • Providing WiFi access to stay connected (optional)
  • Temperature
    • Helps raise an alarm via the Internet if the temperature in the bus is higher than the normal.
  • Separate Power Source
    • Separate power source through solar panel and separate battery for the solution (optional)

Smart Bus Solution
The Solution offers a host of amazing benefits such as:

  • Possibility for parents to track the bus and know the arrival time to home or school.
  • Monitor the bus from inside.
  • Monitoring series of functions like: speed, driver identification and route driven.
    Ensure the bus driver abides by traffic rules and regulations.

Smart Fleet Solution
An innovative solution that allows transport companies to manage their fleets ensuring key aspects for their activity.

  • GPS tracking
  • Driver Identification Kit
  • Engine Immobilization
  • Seat belt sensor

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