Batelco Smart Education Solution

The future of education management.
Batelco in partnership with IDENTIGY is proud to present Smart Education Solution, a cloud based digital solution that integrates the entire operations of an educational institution on a single platform.

With Smart Education Solution parents too can be a part of their children’s lives with features such as bus and rider managment, time and attendance, and many more.

One Platform – 

Limiteless  Possibilities
Batelco Smart Education Solution enables cashless payments, student incentives and rewards programs, improves safety and security, streamlines operations and integrates easily with a school’s current platforms. The features provide solutions for parents and schools alike.

Student ID – Card, Mobile, or Smart wearable 

  • Access and automated attendance to buses, classrooms, events, library, and labs
  • Frictionless cashless payments at canteen, vending machines,and retailers
  • Incentive and recognition program to learn, earn and burn rewards

Mobile Portal for Parents 

  • Secure cashless payments, family wallets and packages, spending limits with top up capabilities
  • Track and monitor children activity

Visitor Management Portal 

  • Improve visitor services ‹pre-registered or on the fly enrollment›
  • Automated privileges to visitors including meals, access, and parking

School Management Dashboard 

  • Improve efficiency and productivity with process automation through time and attendance, campus housing, and automated privileges
  • Increase student engagement with gamification
  • Provide a safe and secure environment through the safety and security suite
  • Integrate all systems into one platform including SIS, CCTV, HR, and many more

Platform Features

Unique Identifiers – Smart ID 

  • Cards, Wearables, Biometrics and Mobile Credentials
  • Seamless issuance and delivery process

Cashless Payments and Canteen Management 

  • Meal Plan and Stored Value System
  • Vending and Parking Machines, Print and Library Systems

Campus Access Control 

  • Campus Entrance (Turnstiles,Parking gates)
  • Classrooms, Labs, Gyms, and Offices

Bus and Rider Management 

  • Apps for Driver/Attendant to handle students on board
  • Console for operations to monitor buses in real-time on a map

Incentive, Reward and Recognition Platform 

  • Incentivize students for good behaviors and performance
  • Flexible and customizable programs with multiple learn, earn and burn structures

Location Management Engine 

  • Real-time and historic location info
  • Person Finder

Visitor Management 

  • Process visitors in advance or on the spot
  • Automatically assign privileges to visitors

Evacuation & Mustering 

  • Map-driven alarm interface
  • Automated alarm actions (e.g. lockdown)

Time and Attendance 

  • Automated and easy for students and staff
  • Tablet, Mobile, Readers or WiFi

Open Platform for Collaboration 

  • For multiple entities to execute ID cashless, or access transactions
  • API based platform to integrate with SIS,HR, CCTV and more

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