Regional and Global Data Centers

Batelco, a leading digital solution provider, understands the growing demands for distributed hosting facilities as a result of companies and content providers seeking to get closer to their customers. Batelco offers the solution through multiple geographically distributed sets of Tier 3+ data centers, which are run and managed by Batelco in Bahrain and its affiliates in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Jordan.

The Regional Data Center is designed to guarantee business availability and continuity through latest technologies of UPS, cooling, power distribution, security and software management systems. In addition, all Regional Data Centers are connected through Hi-Ways of diverse sub-marine and terrestrial cables offering customers high bandwidth at lower cost.

Batelco’s Data Center Solution extends globally through partnerships and alliances. Our Global Data Center integrates to our resilient global connectivity covering over 50 cities around the world.

Our world-class data center facilities are always ready, reliable
and resilient for your mission critical information.

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