Batelco Home Internet

Batelco Home Internet provides the ultimate experiences using state of the art fiber and Internet technologies with fiber and superfast packages allowing you to download movies, stream high definition videos, play online games and upload large files instantly.

Enrich your Internet Experience with our Value Added Services including Batelco TV, Unlimited YouTube & Weekend, Gaming Bolt-on and interest free installments for smart devices!

  • Batelco Home Internet speed is subject to various factors including local availability, distance from exchange and line test. If your line won’t support the speed you would like to subscribe to, we’ll offer the best speed available.
  • Internet Service Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies.
  • Customers on 8Mb package and above needs to have router which supports Annex M to get 2 Mb upload speed, otherwise they will get up to 1Mb upload speeds.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
Fixed Line Registration BD 5
Fixed Line Rental BD 1.16

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