Fair Use Policy (FUP)

Batelco’s Fair Use Policy (FUP), was introduced to make sure all customers get fast and reliable Broadband services and to give customers control over their access speeds and monthly payments.

All packages come with unlimited free usage but, different access speeds are applied after reaching the different threshold levels associated with each package. However don’t worry, even if you reach 100% of your threshold, we won’t charge you excess download fees. Instead, we will simply slow down your connection as listed below until the start of your next billing month.

Customers may re-set their service to its maximum speed, by selecting any of the following options:

  1. Unlimited usage with Maximum Speed: Optional choice for those customers who wish to continue at the maximum applicable speed once the above Fair Usage Policy applies. Extra Usage at maximum speed will be charged at the rate of 1 fils/MB.
  2. Unlimited usage with Self Control: Customers can buy Extra Usage Bundles according to their requirements.
Usage Bundles Tariff
1GB BD 0.500
2GB BD 1
5GB BD 2.5
10GB BD 5
20GB BD 9
50GB BD 25
100GB BD 45
Unlimited each MB BD 0.001

It would be advisable to upgrade your package to increase your threshold limit, which gives you more freedom to do the things you want, without worrying about your connection speed being throttled.