Get a Free iPhone upgrade every year with Batelco Mobile Postpaid Smartphone Offers

The best way to own a new iPhone every year.
Batelco Upgrade Program allows customers subscribed to the latest iPhone Contract Offers, to get a free upgrade to the latest iPhone next year.

All you need to do is simply get an iPhone 7 on a 24-months contract and subscribe to the Batelco Upgrade Program. You will be eligible for a free upgrade to the latest iPhone smartphone after completing the first 12 months contract with No extra charges.

No more waiting for your contract to end. Just upgrade your current iPhone to a new one, and your new contract begins.

Who is eligible?
To be eligible for the Batelco Upgrade Program, you will have to purchase the latest iPhone7 smartphone on an 24-month installments contract. For example: iPhone 7 32GB on a 24-month contract.

Customers, who purchased iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus on 24 month contract and completed the initial 12 months contract period, will be eligible to subscribe to “Batelco Upgrade Program” and enjoy a free upgrade to Next iPhone model.

How to subscribe?
Get your Device:
purchase the latest iPhone smartphone, for example, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus on 24-month contract.

Join the Program: visit any Batelco Outlets or call 196 to subscribe to the program for free.

Return your Device: after completing your 12 months contract you can visit you nearest Batelco retail shop, return your old iPhone and get the new iPhone on contract plans.

How to upgrade?
At the end of the 12 months contract, you can return your old iPhone 7 and get the latest iPhone smartphone with the new iPhone with Batelco Upgrade Program.

No more waiting for your contract to end. Just upgrade your current iPhone to a new one, and your new contract begins.

Let us guide you
Make sure your device is ready

  • Backup your old iPhone’s data before you bring it.
  • Remove all your personal data.
  • Disable any device lock features “Find My iPhone”.

Visit any Batelco retail shop; Batelco’s technical staff will assist you to:

  • Check your contract eligibility.
  • Check availability of the new iPhone.
  • Perform a quick validation check on your old iPhone.

It’s time to upgrade

  • You can now return your old iPhone and get the new iPhone.
  • Select your new iPhone contract Plan on 24 months.
  • Renew your Batelco upgrade program.

Device Conditions
At the time of upgrade, after completing the 12 months contract, make sure:

  • Your old iPhone is in good working condition.
  • It is possible to switch on the old iPhone and have access to the old iPhone’s IMEI number by pressing *#06# (the IMEI should match the old iPhone originally purchased).
  • The old iPhone functions normally, for example, it is capable of making and receiving calls and connecting to the Internet and the touchscreen functions properly.
  • The old iPhone is free from physical damage, except for normal wear and tear (for example, it does not have liquid damage, a cracked or discolored display or casing, connector damage or faulty or broken SIM reader).
  • The old iPhone is provided with a fully functioning battery.
  • The old iPhone parts do not have disassembled customized or non-original parts.
  • All activation and locking features of the old iPhone have been disabled (e.g. find my iPhone on iOS 10+ devices).
  • The SIM card has been removed from the old iPhone.

Where to go

  • To subscribe to Batelco Upgrade Program, please visit any Batelco outlet or call our call center on 196 to get subscribed.
  • To upgrade to the latest iPhone device, you will be required to visit your nearest Batelco retail shop.

What you’ll need to subscribe
You have to be an eligible customer for Installments, after passing the credit check.

Batelco Upgrade Program Plans

Customer Device Monthly Installment
iPhone 7 32GB BD 17
iPhone 7 128GB BD 19
iPhone 7 256GB BD 21
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB BD 19
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB BD 21
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB BD 24