Now you can enjoy great benefits, up to 1500 free local minutes and up to 22GB of free data, with our new startup postpaid packages!

Super Packages BD 8.400  BD 8.400 Contract BD 12.600  BD 12.600 Contract BD 16.800  BD 16.800 Contract
Data 4G LTE*
Bahrain WiFi access** 2GB 2GB 2GB 2GB 2GB 2GB
Free Local Minutes
to all operators
500 500
+ 200 bonus
800 800
+ 200 bonus
1300 1300
+ 200 bonus
Local Call Rates 16 fils 16 fils 16 fils 16 fils 16 fils 16 fils
SMS Rates 32 fils 32 fils 32 fils 32 fils 32 fils 33 fils
Contract Non-contracted 12 Months Non-contracted 12 Months Non-contracted 12 Months
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* Once the threshold is consumed, the data session will stop.
* You may still enjoy using the internet by adding any of the new top up vouchers below

** Bahrain WiFi
The first and most advanced nationwide WiFi digital network in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Bahrain WiFi is a growing network of WiFi spots around Bahrain that help enhance connectivity.
Look for Bahrain WiFi icon to connect to WiFi on the go around the kingdom and upgrade the way you communicate.
International SMS rate is 30Fils/SMS


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Postpaid Top-up Vouchers Threshold Command To
BD1.050 1GB 1GB
BD3.150 3GB 3GB
BD5.250 8GB 8GB
BD10.500 20GB 20GB
BD5 Unlimited Netflix Netflix

Batelco Mobile Postpaid other services charges:

Service Charge
Change of Owner BD5.250
Change of Number BD5.250
Number Migration between Postpaid and Prepaid BD5.250
Port-in BD4.200
Line reactivation after temporary suspension BD3.150
SIM Card Replacement BD3.150
SIM Card Replacement Thunai or Twin BD5.250
New Line Registration BD5.250
Printed Bill BD0.788

Discontinued Packages.

* All stated prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%. Starting from January 1st 2019

Postpaid Payment Channels

Batelco Shops

Batelco Website (e-Service)

Batelco Authorized Banks (online payment)

Batelco Application

Quick Serve Self Service

Sadad Self Service

Data Roaming

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