Batelco Announces First Batch of Locally Produced Face Masks Ready for Delivery

Batelco Announces First Batch of Locally Produced Face Masks Ready for Delivery

Batelco has announced that the first batch of locally produced masks is now ready for delivery in continuation of the recent campaign that is enabling Bahraini Productive Families to contribute to the campaign against the Coronavirus (COVID- 19), by supporting them to produce 60,000 face masks. The families have started planning and preparing masks according to the timeline agreed upon with Batelco. The first batch of 10,000 masks is now ready for delivery to the concerned authorities who will arrange for the distribution of the masks to labourers, to encourage them to adhere to the directives urging the public to wear masks while they are carrying out their work duties. The process of delivering the remaining batches of masks will continue accordingly until the entire 60,000 masks are distributed. This initiative was launched by Batelco to enable Bahraini Productive Families to take part in supporting the national campaign to combat the Coronavirus as well as support the families during this difficult time. Through this initiative, the Company is empowering the families and also encouraging labourers to wear masks.

Batelco continues its various initiatives as part of the company’s efforts to support the community during this exceptional period and to play its role as an active member of Team Bahrain.

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