Batelco Announces over 50 ‘Duel Game’ Winners

Batelco Announces over 50 ‘Duel Game’ Winners

Batelco has announced over 50 winners in its ‘Duel Game’ activity, which is an online game for subscribers to Batelco’s ‘Fact of the Day’ Service.

Batelco launched the exciting and educational ‘Fact of the Day’ service for its customers back in May. The service provides customers with daily messages including various facts and information across a number of categories such as entertainment, sports, Bahrain’s history and science. To add fun and excitement to this service, subscribers can opt to join the ‘Duel Game’, an online game in which two players compete on a set of questions based on the information they receive from the ‘Fact of the Day’ service. Subscribers will be able to enjoy the ‘Fact of the Day’ service for free on the first 7 days of subscription, however a fee will apply thereafter.

Scoring depends on the number of correct answers during the various rounds of the ‘Duel Game’, where the top scorer of every day, week and month is identified by the system and the winners are announced on the game’s website.  At the end of the competition, a cash prize of more than BD5,000 will be presented to the user who accumulates the most points over the course of the game.

A reception was held at Batelco on Sunday 4th August when members of Batelco’s management met a number of winners and congratulated them on their triumph, encouraging them to continue playing in order to increase their chances of winning the big prize. Cash prizes will be transferred to the winners’ bank accounts.

The weekly winners are Khalil Ebrahim Dhameni, Seham Ali Mahroos, Mohamed Abdulaziz, Sayed Jalal Ahmed, Isa Juma Al-Sabba’A and Abdulhaleem Majed Aldhowaihi. The monthly prizes winners are Seham Ali Mahroos for June and Sayed Jalal Ahmed for July.

The competition will continue until November 2019 giving participants’ lots of opportunities to win the big prize.

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