Batelco Holds Workshop for Management as part of iLead Programme

Batelco Holds Workshop for Management as part of iLead Programme

Batelco in line with its commitment to develop its employees held a workshop for its middle and senior managers as part of the Company’s iLead programme. Batelco’s Human Resources Division worked in collaboration with a training partner to develop the leadership programme, which was created with Batelco’s specific requirements in mind.

The workshop, which took place at the Shaikh Isa Cultural Centre, was carried out over three days with small groups attending each session to ensure optimum personalised attention for each participant. The programme focused on Batelco’s managers as being a catalyst in implementing change, coaching their teams, and developing future potential leaders.

Batelco Group General Manager Human Resources & Development Shaikh Ahmed Al Khalifa opened the sessions with a short speech highlighting the importance of continuous development for Batelco’s employees, and emphasizing that Batelco places much emphasis on training and development of employees at all levels.

“The iLead programme is embedded with a number of clear goals aimed at supporting Batelco Bahrain’s management teams to help them to better support staff and guide them on the correct path to achieve the Company’s aims from both a business and holistic standpoint,” he said.

Following on from the success of this workshop, Batelco will be continuing the journey by arranging additional workshops on different modules to build on the iLead platform, revolving around shaping the future, inspiring others and growing the business.

To create a memorable experience, managers showed their commitment to the iLead programme by placing their handprints on a large canvas board, as a symbolic gesture that reflected their support and determination to carry the vision, goals and purpose of the programme. The canvas board will be displayed at the Batelco Hamala premises to mark this occasion.

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