Batelco Warns Customers to be on the Alert for Fraudulent Calls Promising Cash Prizes

Batelco Warns Customers to be on the Alert for Fraudulent Calls Promising Cash Prizes

Batelco alerted its customers to be aware of fraudulent calls informing them that they have won a large sum of money. Such calls, which are generated from a variety of Bahraini Fixed and Mobile numbers, are a constant occurrence these days.

In these fraudulent calls, the callers are using Batelco’s name and advise customers that they have won a big cash prize and instructing them that they need to take action such as transfer a sum of money to a specified source in order to collect the prize. Additionally, the callers also ask for personal details such as bank account details and CPR numbers to arrange the payment.

Batelco strongly advises its customers that these are fraudulent calls and that it will never ask customers to provide banking details over the phone, by WhatsApp or any other application.

In addition to fraudulent calls, customers should also be on the alert to fraudulent text messages or emails which promise prizes.

Batelco always maintains a high professional process to contact its customers to inform them of winning a prize and thus the customer would always be invited to Batelco’s Hamala Headquarters or any Batelco Retail Shop to collect their prize in person.

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