Dr. Khalid Al Khalifa

General Manager Cyber & Corporate Security

Dr. Khalid Al Khalifa joined Batelco as General Manager of Cyber & Corporate Security in January 2018. He has extensive experience in managing Cyber Security and communications intelligence programmes with a proven track record of successfully executing complex nationwide security initiatives that have resulted in significant improvements in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Cyber Security posture, and global cyber readiness rankings. Due to his dedicated efforts he has been recognised as one of the top 100 Cyber Security Leaders in the Middle East at the CISO Awards 2016.

Dr. Khalid has headed several high profile delegations representing the Kingdom and the Telecom sector at key events such as US Command – Central Region Communications Conference, US-GCC Strategic Cooperation Forum (Cyber), and ITU – Global Forum on Emergency Telecommunications, among others. Dr. Khalid holds a Diploma in Military Leadership (UK) and amongst other degrees, a Doctorate in International Relations (Switzerland).

Batelco Executive Team

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