Batelco Hosts Special Event to Mark Launch of Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular at Capital Club in Presence of Business Customers and Partners

November 4, 2019

Batelco, the leading digital solutions provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain held an exclusive event to mark the launch of Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular, which will be offered for the first time exclusively by Batelco. The launch event was attended by the Executive Management Team, led by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mikkel Vinter, as well as a number of prominent business partners and customers.

The event held at the Capital Club on Sunday November 3, 2019 included a detailed explanation of the Cellular service offered exclusively by Batelco throughout the Kingdom, as well as the exciting features of the new watch. Guests also had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of Apple’s latest watch and familiarize themselves with its unique features under the guidance of experts from Batelco’s Sales Team.

Commenting on the occasion was Batelco CEO Mr. Mikkel Vinter who said, “We are very proud to be the first and only telecommunications company in the Kingdom to introduce the latest Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular and furthermore we were truly delighted to have had the opportunity to invite our guests to experience the new device at this special event.”

“It was a pleasure to meet with customers and provide them with a live demo and a first-hand view of the new watch with cellular service delivered exclusively by Batelco.”