Batelco Continuously Upgrading Communications for Kingdom of Bahrain

July 17, 2018

Most Advanced and Reliable Networks

As part of its ongoing strategy to ensure its services are of the highest international standards, Batelco, the leading digital solutions provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain is in the process of enhancing its mobile networks in a major upgrade that will elevate communication standards.

The upgrade supports Batelco’s efforts as the Kingdom’s leading integrator of digital solutions. The company continues to invest millions annually in upgrading and building new infrastructure, with the aim of providing the best and most advanced networks and highest quality of communication solutions in Bahrain.

“We are committed to placing customers and innovation at the top of our priorities as the Kingdom’s most advanced digital network. We will continue to provide innovative ways for our customers to connect, work and live better and as a result benefit from more convenience carrying out the transactions that have become part of their daily lives,” said Batelco A/General Manager Networks Rashid Mohamed.

Batelco is working to enhance its mobile network system to provide faster mobile Broadband connections, superior quality, and new features in order to meet the growing demand for increasingly powerful mobile services. The upgrades will take place over the coming months in collaboration with Ericsson, a world leading telecommunications technology provider.  All work will be carried out during off peak hours to ensure minimal impact to service levels for customers.

Since its inception, Batelco has embedded innovation as part of its strategy and has been connecting people and places via the latest telecommunications services, to provide a first class customer experience.