Batelco Delivers a Comprehensive Multi-Access Technology Solution for Ithmaar Bank

June 13, 2019

Ithmaar Bank First to Implement Batelco’s MPLS Backup Solution

Batelco, the Kingdom of Bahrain’s leading digital solutions provider has expanded its wide portfolio of network back-up solutions for MPLS and dedicated Internet service with the deployment of a fully-redundant MPLS network with active backup capabilities for Ithmaar Bank, a leading Bahrain based Islamic retail bank.

This project positions Ithmaar Bank as the first bank in the Kingdom of Bahrain to deploy the service to ensure around-the-clock network resiliency even during network maintenance activities or any other causes that might result in network interruptions.

Batelco’s backup solution is an integrated, secure and a fully-managed solution providing redundancy and automatic traffic fail-over, which allows Ithmaar Bank to mitigate any risk of data loss, ultimately protecting the bank’s online services, ATM connections, revenues and reputation.

Batelco has successfully deployed the bespoke backup network for Ithmaar Bank while maintaining the bank’s online presence with no service disruption.

This innovative solution meets the critical needs of Ithmaar Bank for highly available, reliable and stable network connectivity between its subsidiaries, branches and ATMS, providing the bank’s customers with the highest standards of services. While network backup is an ideal solution for the banking and finance segment, this fully-licensed and regulated offering is also suitable for all enterprises.

In this regard, Batelco now provides a comprehensive suite of backup services available on multiple access media including fiber optics, Microwave, 4G LTE and ADSL.

Batelco continues to focus its efforts on providing the most advanced technologies and digital solutions designed to support and meet the various needs and requirements of companies in all their activities and areas of operation, ensuring optimal performance levels and achieving desired results.

Providing the latest telecommunications technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain is Batelco’s top priority and one of the key pillars in enhancing the telecom sector in line with the Kingdom’s plans in improving the National telecom infrastructure and supporting the growth of the digital economy and the required ecosystem.