Batelco Launches Mid-Range Security Solutions

February 23, 2014

**Sale & Rental Schemes to suit SME Businesses**

Batelco, the Kingdom’s leading end-to-end communications services provider, has launched a mid-range security solutions portfolio with the needs of SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) businesses in mind. The new options have been introduced to meet Batelco’s SME customers’ requirements related to the physical security of their premises and equipment.

Batelco as an organisation understands the need for reliable security as this is a key concern for all businesses irrespective of their size. Accordingly, Batelco has established partnerships with well-known security providers of mid-range solutions, to meet the specific needs of smaller organisations.

The solutions can be offered on sale and rental schemes at very competitive prices. Thanks to the rental scheme, Batelco relieves its SME customers from the burden of heavy investment while also ensuring Batelco’s back-up support during the contract period.

Batelco provides installation, testing and full support for all its products either directly or via its technical partners which gives businesses peace of mind when investing in new equipment.

Batelco continues to demonstrate its capability as much more than simply a telecom provider, as it offers full integrated solutions to meet a wide range of communications needs and services. On an ongoing basis, Batelco continues to expand its ICT portfolio and strives to deliver new technology to its customers as it becomes available on the international market.

Batelco General Manager Business Division Adel Daylami said that the Bahrain market continues to see greater demand for innovative and managed security solutions, and physical security of property and equipment has become a prime concern for businesses of all sizes.

“We, at Batelco, fully understand such needs and proactively act to fulfill them through providing our customers with the most innovative products and services with value for money sale and rental options,” he added.

Business customers are invited to contact their account manager directly while new customers are invited to call 1788 1144.