Batelco Partners with Leading Gaming Content Providers **Direct Peering Partnerships with Valve Steam and Enhances Services for Batelco’s Gamers**

August 9, 2017

Batelco, Bahrain’s leading digital communications solutions provider has entered into partnership agreements with two leading gaming content providers to enhance the gaming experience for its customers. The new partnerships with Valve Corporation’s Steam® and provide direct peering with their highly reputed gaming platforms and Batelco’s network. Thanks to the new partnerships, Batelco is providing the best gaming experience in Bahrain with extremely low latency.

Steam is recognised as the world’s largest online gaming platform giving access to more than 15,000 game titles and connecting over 35 million active users to each other and to Batelco., which has won numerous awards for its services, specialises in low latency hosting for the online video gaming industry. The team of highly-skilled technical engineers provides online infrastructure services and managed hosting solutions to a wide range of international organisations including Batelco.

Batelco Bahrain CEO Eng. Muna Al Hashemi said that Batelco invests heavily to deliver the relevant communications tool for all sectors of its customers.

“This latest move to provide direct peering with world-class gaming platforms ensures that Batelco is the number 1 gaming network in Bahrain,” she added.

Batelco Chief Marketing Officer Mike Stanford continued by saying, “We are very pleased to be partnered with such leaders as Steam® and in the growing field of gaming. Our aim is to bring the best content in the world closer to our customers and provide the lowest latency for them to benefit from a superior experience.” CEO Stijn Koster adds, “ provides services to a variety of online video gaming publishers, aggregating a large number of games that can be played on our infrastructure. We are always working to bring content as close to the end user as technically possible and welcome the opportunity to partner with Batelco.”