Batelco Signs Platinum Partnership with Rashid Equestrian & Horse Racing Club

July 8, 2019

Batelco has announced its sponsorship of the Rashid Equestrian & Horse Racing Club   following the signing of a Platinum Partnership agreement between both entities. The partnership was signed by Batelco Chief Executive Officer Mikkel Vinter and Chief Executive Officer of Rashid Equestrian & Horse Racing Club Shaikh Salman bin Rashid Al Khalifa at Batelco Headquarters in Hamala.

Batelco believes in the importance of horse racing and the history of the Arabian horse and its strong connection with the rich heritage of Bahrain, which has been given special attention over the years. Bahrain is internationally renowned for its Arabian horses which have been associated with the Kingdom’s history.

Mr. Vinter said that Batelco looks forward to supporting the vision of the management of the Rashid Equestrian & Horse Racing Club and their major plans for the growth of horse racing in Bahrain and the development of the club to the highest standards, which will be in keeping with the special status of the Arabian horses and serve to evolve the track into an entertaining location to attract all members of the community.

Shaikh Salman said: “This step reflects the vision of the Supreme Committee of the Rashid Equestrian and Horse Racing Club aimed at improving the sport of horse racing in the Kingdom of Bahrain and investment in the economy, tourism and media sectors.  The Rashid Equestrian & Horse Racing Club will arrange the first international horse race in the history of Bahrain to attract international competitors which will be a qualitative leap for the sport and the announcement of a new stage in the development of horse racing in the Kingdom.