Batelco Summer Training Programmes Success

August 9, 2016

**Valuable Work Experience for Young Minds**

Batelco, as part of its ongoing commitment to education and young people is providing career support to over 50 students through its annual Summer Training Programme for the months of July and August. The training programme gives university students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience as part of their degree or diploma programmes.

The participating students are currently working in different departments throughout Batelco including the Marketing, Human Resources and Enterprise Departments and also Batelco’s Call Centre and Retail Shops. Such placements give the students the chance to experience a professional working environment and gain an insight into how business operates based on market demands.

Batelco General Manager Human Resources and Corporate Services Suhaila Alnowakhda said that Batelco is always keen to train students on the various skills that will increase their employment opportunities in the future.

“The skills covered include communication, team work and preparation of reports as well as learning about the importance of timeliness when completing tasks, among more skills. Academic achievement alone is insufficient; it requires the addition of practical experience,” she said,

“At Batelco we strongly believe in developing local talent and our summer training programme aims to prepare students for their professional careers by providing such practical training in a real-life environment to enhance their educational achievements,” added Mrs. Alnowakhda.