Manama-IX Connects with AMS-IX Amsterdam Via Remote Peering

August 31, 2021

Manama IX (Manama Internet Exchange) platform members can now have access to an extensive range of connected networks, thanks to a new remote peering connection between Manama-IX and AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange). By implementing remote peering, members of different internet exchanges can interconnect without the need to be physically present on each exchange platform.

AMS-IX has over 875 connected networks, including Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Internet Service Providers, Carriers, and Cloud services providers. This benefits Manama-IX members such as Batelco, Ooredoo, stc and Zain, by giving them access to world-leading names in the Telecom, gaming, TV and internet content arenas, such as Apple, Ali Baba Cloud, Twitter, Facebook, Riot Games and Netflix.

The Peering link also ensures that Manama-IX members can reach content on AMS-IX on the best route between the GCC and Europe, which delivers secure, reliable, low latency connectivity, thereby enabling them to offer online content and an exceptional experience to their end users. As part of the service, members of AMS-IX will also benefit from direct access to members of Manama-IX.

AMS-IX CEO Peter van Burgel said, “This direct link between Manama and Amsterdam greatly enhances the connectivity of the region and will lead to high quality, secure and reliable Internet services and a compelling digital experience for consumers and businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We fully support Manama-IX in its commitment to become the leading Exchange of the Middle East.”

Acting General Manager of Global Business at Batelco, Hani Askar, said: “We continue to evolve the Manama-IX Platform to better serve our customers and connecting to AMS-IX brings them closer to rich content from some of the world’s leading content and internet services providers. The remote peering ensures that our customers can easily and affordably extend their reach without having to invest in international infrastructure.”

Manama-IX, located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, serves as a carrier neutral internet traffic exchange platform interconnecting global carriers, local and international operators and both content and cloud providers. Manama-IX, which has seen a 20-fold growth rate in its platform traffic since its establishment in 2019, is the leading Internet exchange in the region, contributing towards the development of Internet services, in line with Bahrain’s national vision of becoming a leading regional digital hub.

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