Under the Slogan of We Serve Our People

August 15, 2018

Batelco Launches “Together We Grow” Workshops for its Employees

Batelco’s management has launched the “Together We Grow” programme, the first of its kind in the Company’s history, in coordination with the Office of the Chief Executive Officer and the Human Resources Department. All staff received a personal invitation to meet with the CEO and GM HR without the presence of their direct line managers to give them the opportunity to speak freely.

The programme is focused on enhancing the culture of direct communication between the executive management and all Batelco employees and enriching the constructive thinking and knowledge that plays a key role in encouraging employees to be innovative in their performance. The CEO and GM Human Resources met with all the employees of the Company at consecutive workshops over the past week.

An open dialogue process was adopted in the workshops, which were conducted in a highly transparent manner. The CEO emphasised the importance of the employees and their position in the company and discussed the role that management should play in considering the needs of employees and their interests.

He also focused on empowering employees to enhance their role in collective decision making, which contributes to increasing their efficiency and functional effectiveness, while noting that every Batelco employee is authorized to contribute to decision-making.

The CEO asked each employee to voice their opinion and speak openly to address any subject without any barriers or restrictions. He listened to the views and observations of each individual. The HR Department has written down all the observations, which will be taken into consideration for action. The GM of HR explained in detail the projects being undertaken by the HR Department to grow and develop the human resources of the company and he added that the management is commitment to serve the employees and provide the best working environment based on the feedback received from the employees during the sessions.