AMS-IX CEO Visits Batelco to Celebrate the Launch of Manama-IX Reseller Service

February 7, 2022

**Batelco is first in the Middle East region to launch Reseller services**

Manama, Bahrain: Batelco welcomed AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) CEO Peter van Burgel who visited Batelco’s headquarters on Wednesday 2nd February to meet with Batelco Chief Global Business Officer Hani Askar and celebrate Batelco’s launch of Manama-IX Reseller Service, the first telecommunications company in the Middle East region to launch the service. During the meeting the ongoing development of Manama-IX (Manama Internet Exchange) and the important role played by internet exchanges in today’s digital society were also discussed.
The Manama-IX Reseller service benefits members of Manama-IX, as they can now resell a portion of their capacity on the platform to other providers, who in turn benefit as they don’t need to establish a direct connection to Manama-IX.
Mr. Askar said he was very pleased to welcome Mr. van Burgel and celebrate the launch of the first Reseller services in the region along with other Manama-IX success stories.
“We have a commitment to add ongoing value for Manama-IX platform members and the introduction of Reseller services is the most recent enhancement. The Reseller model enables a fast deployment in a new market and can help in reducing network and capital costs,” he said.
“Another major success for Manama-IX is the ongoing booming data traffic volumes that the platform continues to achieve. We are delighted to witness new peak traffic levels over the past 12 months in regional internet exchanges between January 2021 and January 2022, equivalent to a remarkable 117% boost. This has primarily been driven by the ever-growing bandwidth-hungry applications, gaming, video streaming and content delivery. The increase positions Manama-IX as the highest internet traffic exchange platform in the Middle East,” Mr. Askar added
Mr. van Burgel said that it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to visit Batelco to mark the occasion of the launch of Reseller services and the outstanding traffic growth on the Manama-IX platform.
“What Batelco has achieved in Manama is very impressive. Manama-IX is now the fastest growing Internet Exchange in the Middle East and well on its way to become the Internet hub of choice for telco’s, CDN’s, hosting companies and other enterprises who are heavily reliant on connectivity,” Mr. van Burgel added.
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