National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Signs an MoU with Beyon Connect to onboard cutting-edge Digital Identity technology ‘OneID’ and digital postbox solutions ‘OneBox’

March 17, 2022

– OneID by Beyon Connect is a new digital identity platform enabling Bahrain residents to enroll their verified legal identity into a secure digital ID wallet, to use across enhanced public and private sector digital services

– OneBox is a digital postbox that brings together residents, businesses, and public entities for secure, simple, sustainable, spam-free, and trusted communication

Manama, Bahrain, Thursday 17 March 2022: Beyon Connect and Bahrain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have signed an MoU that will see the NCSC adopt innovative digital identity and digital postbox solutions and services delivered by Beyon Connect. The NCSC is focused on building a strong cyber security framework and capability in line with their commitment to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s efforts to ensure a safe and secure ICT infrastructure as a key pillar of the country’s 2030 vision and economic development.

As a result of the collaboration between the two entities, Beyon Connect will deliver its recently launched innovative digital postbox solution, OneBox, to enable National secure communication between the public sector, private businesses and residents of Bahrain in one secure, convenient, and trusted digital space. Beyon Connect will also deliver its latest new product, OneID, which brings a new platform to register a unique digital identity, to interact securely with public and private sector digital services across Bahrain.

OneID is a highly secure single e-ID which will be made available as a mobile application for both iOS and Android. It allows onboarding of Bahrain residents through an advanced e-KYC process supporting passport and national ID cards with facial recognition and liveness check. The owner of the digital identity wallet will receive a push notification in their OneID app when a new digital identity is issued for them. With a simple approval of registration and terms of use, the owner stores the issued ID in the digital identity wallet, and it is ready for use.

OneID is free for Bahrain residents and very affordable even for small organizations, institutions, and companies without the burden of minimum commitments and implementation fees. Using the OneID self-service administrator portal, an organization can easily onboard and start receiving OneID digital identities to utilise within their e-services within 30 minutes.

OneBox, brings a new way to communicate to Bahrain, through the launch of an innovative digital postbox solution. OneBox is the first solution of its kind in Bahrain and positions the Kingdom as the first country in the Middle East to deliver digital postbox services.

NCSC CEO Shaikh Salman bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa said, “We see the adoption of OneID and OneBox as an important steppingstone in Bahrain’s journey towards creating a more secure and digitally inclusive society in Bahrain. The combination of OneID and OneBox delivers unique transformational value to the people, institutions and businesses of Bahrain and re-enforces the value of national adoption of innovations and investments being driven within Bahrain’s burgeoning digital sector.”

“We are proud to sign with the NCSC to deliver a shared vision to provide all individuals, institutions and companies with secure digital identities through a nationally available, and highly secure digital ID platform built on transparency, privacy, and trust. We are excited to launch OneID here in Bahrain, our second product following the recent launch of OneBox, under the Beyon Connect umbrella,” says Christian Rasmussen, CEO of Beyon Connect.

By introducing OneID and OneBox to the Bahrain market, Beyon Connect paves the way for a movement towards a secure, modern, digitally connected and trusted MENA region. Together with its pioneering partners, Beyon Connect will play an important part in laying the cornerstones for a data driven, sustainable and paperless future. Furthermore, the delivery of this new digital solution will help to support the Kingdom’s position as the region’s leading hub in the ICT and data economy.

Beyon Connect, which launched in January, is a subsidiary of Batelco and is focused on delivering new technologies with great innovation potential, Software-as-a-Service platforms, and advanced IT solutions to both the public and private sectors in the MENA region.

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