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Smart Parking

Smart Parking


Smart Parking is a technology-based system that enables data to be transmitted about free and occupied spaces in any parking facility.
Using the internet of things (IoT) and camera-based sensors, free and occupied parking spaces can be displayed on a smart app.

An ideal solution for owners of

Here’s a snapshot of what Smart Parking solution can do for you

Accurately predict and sense spot/vehicle occupancy in real-time.

Smart Parking

Supports automatic number-plate recognition.

Guides customers to available parking.

Optimizes parking space usage.

Simplifies the parking experience

Enables intelligent decisions using data and real-time status applications.

Convert your parking lot to a revenue vertical

Let Batelco’s technology generate income with ease. When you chose to install smart parking, the benefits are:

Decreased labor investment to manage the facility

Be in better control of monitoring and security

Deploy an automated parking fee collection system

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