The Egyptian National Postal Organization Signs a Joint Venture Agreement with Bahrain’s Beyon Connect to Jointly Deliver Cutting Edge Digital Transformation Solutions

March 23, 2022

– In support of Egypt’s Vision 2030 and Egypt’s digital transformation strategy, a joint venture company will be formed between The Egyptian National Postal Organization and Bahrain’s Beyon Connect to deliver critical foundations of Egypt’s future digital society

– Beyon Connect’s OneID and OneBox technologies will be the transformational digital backbone to modernize the Egyptian postal facilities and help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Manama, Bahrain, 22 March 2022: The Egyptian National Postal Organization and Bahrain’s Beyon Connect have signed a joint venture-agreement that will see the newly formed joint venture company adopt innovative digital postbox solutions and services. Egypt has been adopting a robust strategy and strong course of action to transform the existing public sector services to an increasingly digital and data driven ecosystem, providing public services in a more sustainable, secure and simple way.

As a result of the joint venture-agreement between The Egyptian National Postal Organization and Bahrain’s Beyon Connect, Beyon Connect will deliver its recently launched innovative digital postbox solution, OneBox, to the joint venture company in Egypt. OneBox, the first digital postbox in the Middle East launched by Beyon Connect in Bahrain, that will enable national secure communication between the public sector, private businesses and Egyptian residents in one secure, convenient, sustainable, and spam-free digital space.

Dr. Sharif Farouk, Egypt Post Chairman empahsised on the importance of this partnership with Beyon Connect that will bring to Egypt one of the most advanced technologies being used in Europe and Middle East that will provide a secure and reliable platform as a National secure communication between the public sector, private businesses and Egyptian citizens.

Dr. Sharif Farouk said ”In line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 moving towards digital transformation and sustainable development, Egypt Post is adopting the digital transformation strategy. Not only for its ecosystem but also to fulfil its National role towards the development of digital postal services in Egypt by offering the eqivalent digital service of registered letter mail and registered proof of delivery letter mail.”

Dr. Sharif Farouk added ”Covid-19 has proved the fundmental need for efficent and reliable digital services to enable a Nationwide effective communication in times of crisis and that the services are in line with the Egyptian government policy towards sustainable development. Importantly, the solution contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint per capita, and the carbon emissions resulting from postal operations associated with the transportation and delivery of mailed letters and documents.”

Beyon Connect CEO Christian Rasmussen said, “We are proud to partner with the The Egyptian National Postal Organization, building on our success here in Bahrain, to deliver a shared vision for Egypt to provide all individuals, institutions and companies with secure digital identities and digital postboxes through a nationally available, integrated and highly secure digital platform. We are excited to export Beyon Connect’s leading market innovations of OneID and OneBox from Bahrain to create a more sustainable and secure digital backbone for Egypt.”

Beyon Connect, which launched in January, is a subsidiary of Batelco and is focused on delivering new technologies with great innovation potential, Software-as-a-Service platforms, and advanced IT solutions to both the public and private sectors in the MENA region. For more information, visit and

Egypt Post was established in 1865 and is one of the oldest governmental institutions not only in Egypt but also in MENA. Egypt Post is the desiganted postal operator of Universal Postal
Services and one of the largest Financial institutions in the country . With its national mandate to develop mail facilities in Egypt in accordnace to the general policy of the Egyptian state that is adopting digital transformation as a key strategy towards achievement of sustainable development of the Egyptian society, Egypt Post stategy focus now is on digital empowerement of citzens for both postal and financial services.

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