Batelco Reaches Speeds Rivaling Top 10 Fastest Countries in Global Mobile Speed Rankings!

February 15, 2022

Manama, Bahrain: Batelco demonstrated market leadership in Bahrain with its exceptional mobile network quality. Batelco’s mean download speed of 158.03 Mbps rivaled the national average for the top 10 fastest countries and heavily impacted Bahrain’s ranking as the 18th fastest nation in the world on the Speedtest Global Index.

Ookla is the global leader in broadband and mobile speed testing and web-based network diagnostic applications. During Q3-Q4 2020, Batelco received the Speedtest by Ookla Award as Bahrain’s Top Rated Mobile Network Operator, and throughout 2021 Batelco’s high average download speed consistently lifted Bahrain’s Global Index.

Commenting on the Batelco Case Study by Ookla, Batelco General Manager Networks Rashid Mohamed said, “We are extremely proud of driving Batelco to its position in the top 10 globally with the highest mobile speeds.”

A country’s mobile speed ranking is calculated on the average speed achieved by all operators in the country, based on mobile speed tests carried out by real people. If the mobile internet speed ranking for Bahrain is to be improved, other operators will need to invest in boosting their performance.

“Batelco’s continuous investment in developing its mobile infrastructure, including 5G reflects our commitment to providing the best quality services for customers and this helps to support Bahrain’s positioning among world leading countries for telecommunications services,” added Mr. Mohamed.

In a world where super-fast mobile connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity as digitisation surges in growth, the availability of world class connectivity is the driving force for countries that want to be positioned as a digital hub and attract investment. Elevating Bahrain’s mobile network speed is an achievable goal, but it is reliant on all local operators supporting this aim, not just Batelco.


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