Batelco Delivers Highest Speed and Highest Usage Thresholds with Best Value Broadband Packages

August 17, 2014

Batelco, the Kingdom’s leading Broadband services provider has already upgraded its Broadband packages twice since the beginning of the year, with customers benefitting from automatic upgrades offering higher speeds, bigger thresholds and lower prices.

Batelco is now delighted to announce a new package priced at only BD6 per month, designed especially to suit the requirements of new or existing customers with light usage needs. The 1Mb package includes threshold limit of 10GB but in keeping with all Batelco Broadband packages, customers may continue to use the internet at no additional cost even after the threshold has been reached.

Batelco’s customers recently benefitted from automatic upgrades as a number of enhancements were rolled out, including higher speeds, triple threshold limits and lower prices. The fantastic Broadband packages are available for existing and new customers.

Batelco’s Top Value Broadband Packages

Download Speed


3Mb 6Mb 8Mb 10Mb 16Mb 25Mb 50Mb 100Mb
Upload Speed


1Mb 1.5Mb 2Mb 2Mb 2Mb 2.5Mb 5Mb 10Mb
Threshold Limit


30GB 60GB 80GB 100GB 160GB 200GB 250GB 300GB
Throttle Speed


1Mb 1.5Mb 2Mb 2Mb 4Mb 5Mb 10Mb 15Mb
Monthly Rental


BD10 BD15 BD25 BD30 BD45 BD50 BD75 BD100


Batelco General Manager Consumer Division Muna Al Hashimi said that Batelco was really delighed to offer its customers top value packages to suit their internet usage requirements.

“The wide range of packages are designed to suit everyone from casual users all the way up to those with heavy demand such as professional users and especially  gamers. Additionally, the new entry level 1MB package for only BD6 is great news for anyone looking for an unbeatable internet deal,” she said.

New customers are invited to sign up to benefit from Batelco’s outstanding Broadband experience. Detailed information about Batelco’s Broadband packages is available on or by calling 196.