Batelco Hosts Train the Teacher Workshop

January 11, 2018

Supporting Ministry of Education Initiatives

Batelco, in line with its commitment to educational initiatives is proud of its long standing relationship with the Ministry of Education. Both national organisations have collaborated over many years to foster educational programmes that support the youth and teachers of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

As part of the cooperation between Batelco and the Ministry of Education, Batelco recently held a five-day workshop for teachers to boost their knowledge and skills in the field of Telecommunications. The aim of this collaboration is to enrich the school curriculums with real-life practical experiences that can better prepare the students for their careers in the future. Batelco’s Engineering Department supported the Company’s Training Centre to provide the relevant training which covered the most up-to-date innovations available in the communications industry. With such initiatives, Batelco plays a crucial role in the development of the Kingdom’s students who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

The workshop, which was provided free of change to the Ministry’s teachers, was the second in the series and forms part of Batelco’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Under the umbrella of its CSR programme, Batelco reaches out to the community and supports a wide range of initiatives in the areas of Health, Sports, Social/Cultural and also Education.