Batelco Launches ‘Batelco Talks’ with Presentation on Artificial Intelligence

June 2, 2019

Batelco, the leading digital solutions provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has launched its Batelco Talks project, with the aim of fostering a learning environment and encouraging staff to participate in the exchange of knowledge.  A talk on Artificial Intelligence was the topic of the first session which was held recently at Batelco Headquarters, Hamala.

The opening remarks of the event were delivered by Batelco Chief Human Resources Officer Faisal Al Jalahma, with the session, entitled ‘Exploring the Business Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ delivered by Ameen Al Tajer, Managing CEO of Infiniteware, an artificial intelligence company that provides products and services to several prominent clients. The session highlighted the trends surrounding AI, related business opportunities, challenges and ethical concerns.

A number of Batelco executives and staff have attended the session as part of the Company’s strategy towards fostering a learning environment and encouraging knowledge sharing. The strong participation at the event reflects the interest of staff in educational events aimed at upgrading the technological culture within the company. Attendees engaged with the speaker and were excited to share their views about the topic in relation to the telecommunication industry.

Such events provide an interactive platform for attendees to exchange knowledge with industry leaders, particularly in the field of telecommunications and digital technology.