Batelco Launches Great Prize Winning Campaign for Mobile Subscribers

June 23, 2014

**Win an Amazing BMW with your Bill Payments or SimSim Refills**

Batelco, Bahrain’s leading telecommunications services provider, has announced its latest prize winning campaign giving all mobile customers the opportunity to win a BMW 4 and 5 Series. The campaign began on June 22 and will run until December 22.

All mobile Postpaid subscribers will receive automatic entry in the raffle draw upon paying their billed amount on or before the due date, receiving One raffle entry (point) for each BD5 paid.

Prepaid subscribers will be entered automatically each time they refill their accounts with the points awarded dependent upon the voucher denomination as follows:-

Voucher Denomination Raffle Entries (Points)
BD1 5 Points
BD2 10 Points
BD3 15 Points
BD4 20 Points
BD5 25 Points
BD10 50 Points
BD20 100 Points
BD30 150 Points


Customers will be automatically entered in the raffle depending on the amount they have paid/refilled with, so the higher the value of customers payment, the more entries they will have in the draw. Two draws will take place with one lucky Postpaid customer winning the BMW 5 Series and one lucky Prepaid customer driving away in a BMW 4 Series.

Batelco Consumer Division General Manager Muna Al Hashimi said the new campaign has been developed as an appreciation from Batelco to reward them for their loyalty to Batelco’s services.

“We have found that our customers really enjoy the opportunity to win prizes. Our most recent campaign paid out over $160, 000 for mobile subscribers who took part in our SMS Challenge. We look forward to seeing two very happy and lucky customers driving away in a top of the line BMW following the raffle draw in November.”

Customers are invited to visit website for information about Batelco’s special offers and campaigns.