Batelco Supports Enterprises with New Service Centre for Business Customers

January 4, 2016

**Batelco continues its significant service enhancement project for Business Customers**

Batelco, in line with its continued commitment to support the Enterprise sector, has announced a new Service Centre dedicated solely for business customers. This Centre, housing an Enterprise-only helpline, has been created to support Enterprise customers with any and all issues.

From today, businesses with Batelco services are encouraged to call the new helpline on 81888, where a team of certified experts will address their concerns.

As a result of Batelco’s diversified and global portfolio of corporate customers and partners, the new Service Centre also includes a line dedicated to global customers. Any businesses operating from outside Bahrain should call 17881888 if they require any assistance.

Additionally, and whether local or global, the new Service Centre has the technological capability to identify all callers enabling us to serve them more efficiently.

If business customers experience any issues with their mobile service, they are still encouraged to call Batelco Help Desk, which operates 24/7 throughout the year, on 196.

This new service is aimed at effectively boosting customer experience and adding satisfaction for the Enterprise sector. Earlier in the year, Batelco also launched a new and improved e-Services portal for its Enterprise customers to empower local and global businesses by providing them with full visibility on their account status and network performance. Additionally, an online chat for Fixed Data Connectivity and ISDN circuits was also launched earlier in the year to assist Enterprise customers.

“We always place the customer experience at centre stage,” said Batelco Acting in Charge of the Enterprise Division Donya Al Ansari.

“The new Service Centre with a dedicated Enterprise helpline will offer one effective point of contact for all business customers on any service,” she added.