Executive Appointments in Batelco

May 5, 2019

As part of its ongoing restructuring programme to achieve legal separation as outlined in the 4th National Telecoms Plan which requires turning Batelco into two main entities, one for the Retail and Enterprise operation and the other for the New National Broadband Infrastructure, Batelco has announced a number of executive appointments in line with the separation requirements and the company’s strategic vision.

Batelco Bahrain will be the entity responsible for the retail and enterprise operation and will further enhance the services and solutions for consumer and business customers with a greater continuous focus on providing digital solutions and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Batelco is very pleased to announce the appointment of Mikkel Vinter as the CEO for Batelco Bahrain. Among his previous roles, Mr. Vinter founded Virgin Mobile, Middle East & Africa in 2006 and served as its Chief Executive Officer until 2016. Prior to setting up Virgin Mobile Middle East & Africa, he held senior roles with Nawras in Oman, TDC in Denmark and Singtel in Singapore.

The newly formed National Broadband Network entity will be responsible for the Kingdom’s broadband network and providing telecom services to all licensed operators, in line with the Government policy for developing an advanced digital communication infrastructure in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Mohamed Bubashait takes on the role as CEO of the National Broadband Network. He has lead the separation programme since he joined Batelco as CEO of the Bahrain operation in October 2017, to implement plans for the legal separation of the Company.

Ihab Hinnawi has been announced as CEO of the Company’s International investments and will assume new responsibilities, looking at the restructure of Batelco’s international operations in line with Batelco’s future plans. Mr. Hinnawi has held the role of Group CEO since December 2015.

Batelco Board of Directors congratulates the CEO’s on their new roles and offers them full trust and support as they address the specific requirements in developing each entity to achieve the desired benefits for all the stakeholders.